Hot on the wheels of proven success on previous Honda projects and creative campaigns, clearmotive was approached by Honda Canada to develop a powerful, fresh 30-second National TV commercial that effectively appealed to new, experienced and even prospective riders involving the attainable and all-new Honda CBR300R motorcycle.
Clearmotive needed to implement a bulletproof communication strategy that eliminated all geographic and time zone challenges between our creative teams in Calgary and Toronto, our client in Toronto, and successfully film the commercial in Los Angeles.


Our strategically handpicked team went straight to work developing distinctive TV commercial concepts. Impressed by the creative and potential business results, the shared excitement shown by Honda Canada came with the decision to go-big or go-home with the winning “Enter the world of CBR” commercial concept - a witty TV commercial idea they simply had to have.
The persuasive vision behind the concept was to provide consumers with a taste of what it was like to ride your very own Honda and live an exhilarating, yet easily attainable motorcycle lifestyle. While motorcycle and automotive products often need to be experienced in person to be fully appreciated, our goal was to find a fun and cheeky way to deliver simulated motorcycle freedom, only without the need to physically be out riding one.


The imagery was carefully crafted to create a break from the everyday, showing a man at work in the office being transported into a full-throttle motorcycle experience when he touches his CBR motorcycle key. The daydream sequence highlights the Honda CBR300R in action with deliberately hard-cut imagery and sounds to shock your senses.
The end result was an approachable ad that targets new and experienced motorcycle riders through the underlying theme of ‘motorcycle fun and freedom,’ breaking away from daily routine. “Enter the world of CBR” successfully captures the thrill and feeling of riding an incredible Honda motorcycle, while ensuring mass appeal to potentially new riders.