The Honda Motorcycle brand is synonymous with bold performance since 1949. The “AWAKEN YOUR 500 SENSES” campaign aimed to further strengthen the Honda “CBR” sport bike sub-brand and promote the launch of three newly redesigned “500 Series” models through a fully integrated marketing campaign. The mission was to focus on the redesigned middleweight products while sparking emotional interest through the thrill and freedom motorcycle ownership represents. The National campaign strategy was carefully crafted to focus on four key areas of identified importance: character, reputation, design and technology.


Carefully crafted for seamlessly integration through a variety of social, digital assets and traditional areas, we applied a layered multi channel approach to generate undeniable brand and product awareness. The overall vision was to emotionally appeal to both inexperienced and mature motorcycle riders seeking an affordable, reliable and most of all sporty product through bold new asset creation and a several scalable marketing solutions, including the flagship National CBR TV commercial! We also took the opportunity to explore unchartered territory in Canada, ensuring Honda Canada was among the first major brands to pioneer the interactive use of targeted SnapChat and Facebook Canvas advertising tactics.


The success of the integrated marketing campaign was based on exposing Canadian consumers to the thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle through powerful imagery and engaging video, reaching them in more meaningful ways. We can contribute a sharp market share increase of 24% in the sport motorcycle category and an 86% increase in unique online visitors to the successful targeting and awareness generated by the “Awaken your 500 senses” campaign, putting Honda on track to be the top selling motorcycle brand in Canada and making it a number one choice in purchase decision.