Marble Slab is famous for its cold stone ice cream and gourmet sundaes, but not famous enough for their ice cream cakes. And importantly, less famous than their competitors. So after a detailed search for the right agency, they came to clearmotive looking for creative, authentic ways to compel Canadians to scream for Marble Slab ice cream cakes.


Research proves that advertising product features, isn’t the most profitable way to sell. Rather, sell the human emotion that the product produces. Marble Slab Ice Cream Cakes bring our families and friends together during life’s emotional occasions.

We recommended a campaign that focused on showcasing emotional stories of people connecting over Marble Slab ice cream cakes. The Marble Slab #MarbleSlabMoments campaign was born. High-quality videos featured Marble Slab ice cream cakes as the catalyst for memorable experiences.


Over the course of a three-month campaign that included digital pre-roll, Facebook ads, Google Display and Re-marketing tactics - all focused on driving customers to the Marble Slab Moments microsite, we were able to engage with an audience that exceeded 4.2 million. In addition to the significant brand message exposure, our campaign drove more than 30K unique visitors to the website and achieved a CTR of 3.53%; almost double the industry average for a campaign of this size and reach. On average, users were appropriately engaged, spending more than three minutes browsing the site and visiting three or more pages per visit.