RGL, the definitive name in sand control, came to clearmotive with a complex mashup of products, sleepy printed materials, and a website they couldn’t manage themselves. They had their eyes set on global expansion and needed help putting their best foot forward.


Clearmotive started with education, intimately familiarizing ourselves with the product. This allowed us to provide organizational recommendations, bringing order to communications materials. We simplified jargon and encouraged repositioning when it was needed. Then we worked closely with engineers and key people within RGL to produce gorgeous technical illustrations and a new brand aesthetic and visual language. Next up was the product brochure that needed to stand up to the rigours of Engineering Masters and PhD students, as well as supply chain professionals. An updated website and a corporate video are next up as RGL and clearmotive continue their partnership.


RGL can now move forward toward global success with a simpler product mix, language that is clear and lively, a beautiful suite of technical illustrations, and a brand look and feel that sets them apart from their competition and stands tall in a crowded industry.