Demonstrating Our Value

The success of our agency is dependent on the success of our clients. Our greatest source of pride is playing a central role in the growth and success of other companies. We take your investment very personally, and as a result, approach your challenges and goals as our own.

One of the first tasks when choosing to work with us as a marketing partner is to establish a framework based on measurable goals and meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Two things need to happen in order to minimize scope creep, avoid aiming at moving targets and set clearmotive up for success as your agency partner:

  1. Establish measurable campaign goals that matter to your business (increase sales by X%, lower acquisition costs by Y%, or engage Z% more prospects online). 
  2. Translate your business objectives to KPIs to track progress toward your goals (conversion rates, cost per lead, revenue, etc.)
We always begin with a kickoff meeting or discovery period to identify business and revenue goals. From there, clearmotive translates these goals into measurable (realistic) KPIs. At the end of the meeting, we walk away with a mutually agreeable set of objectives and KPIs to inform our strategic development and tactical execution.

We understand that it's important that your business effectively measure the output of our relationship to ensure that we are not only adding value, but can clearly quantify that value. This is one of the many reasons why we set up parameters for measurement, and track all campaigns.

We believe in showing full transparency in the results of our approach and by doing so, hope to demonstrate how we can add value to you and your business.


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