Agile Process

A common business desire and acumen is to stretch your marketing dollars as far as you can to deliver a phenomenal campaign. One key component to your success in achieving this is to have an efficient and accurate marketing process with a clearly defined work-flow that's reliable and flexible.

Many businesses will recognize that they "want a new website" that looks great with the right functionality to meet their needs. This is a common ask for a digital marketing agency, so what process does clearmotive apply when tasked to launch a new website?

4 Phases of Website Development

Phase 1: Website Strategy & Planning
In this first phase, we meet with your team to outline your goals and specific website needs. Once we have a clear understanding of what functionality and types of content is required for your site, we'll exercise our expertise in structuring a digital strategy and plan to build out wireframes and map out what pages will be on your website.

Phase 2: Copy Development
In this phase, we focus on unique, compelling copy and designs that align with your brand. Whether you have content you need help finessing or need professional copywriting to tell your brand story, we will always involve you along the way. Client reviews are scheduled in this phase to ensure that you are happy with the content before we move ahead to development.

Phase 3: Website Design & Development
At this stage of the web process, our development team, equipped with your approved wireframes and content, will begin development and programming. We'll ensure that all content (images, copy and navigation design) is built to be compatible and responsive across all devices, operating systems and browsers. Throughout development stages, there will be opportunities for you to review and ensure we are still on the right track.

Phase 4: Testing & Launch
Once your website is built, there are steps before we can ultimately launch your website to the world. Our team will complete an internal QA on all devices to ensure pages, links and images are all loading correctly and looks great. This is followed by another client review which provides you with one final opportunity to supply feedback and address any necessary items before we go live.

At clearmotive, we stand behind our proven processes to deliver tailored strategies, designs and stories to each unique brand we work with. At any point in our process, if you're unclear or have questions, we'll work closely with you to understand all of your hesitations, wants and needs and adjust our process where we can to address your requests.


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