Big Data Code Ethics

There's a lot of gray area when it comes to the ethical collection, use and analysis of data. As companies and marketers continue to collect insights on consumer behaviours, public discord around privacy concerns continue to amass. 

Whether you visit a website, download an app, comment on social media or provide feedback to a call centre, information is being gathered by companies to aid their targeted marketing efforts. Data collection is not going away. Rather, this empowering marketing practice is only going to become more prevalent as businesses seek to understand customer behaviour patterns and produce relevant marketing messages that can cut through the noise and triumph over competitors.

Crafting personalized marketing offers without compromising consumer privacy is possible. At clearmotive we know what you can and cannot measure; and the list of what you can measure may surprise you:

Types of Data Companies Gather

  • Contact information (email address, phone number, profile information)
  • Location, time and date
  • Device-specific information
  • Browser and operating system
  • Search queries, IP address and ad clicks
It's not about getting the most information about consumers, it's about being mindful of collecting the right data; the data that can tell a story about the collective consumer - not your individual customers.

How companies track data: 

  • Digital profiles (social media, user accounts)
  • Cookies
  • Search queries
  • Device-tracking technology
  • Third parties
Once the data is collected, companies can integrate this intelligence in many marketing efforts such as targeted advertising and promotions, tailored content and notifications. Our team focuses on capturing and measuring the right data for your business to provide a seamless integration of online experiences and customized content for your customers.


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