Inspiring Intention

Building positive behavioural intentions is key

To be successful, companies must trigger an emotional connection to directly influence the part of the brain that controls decision-making. A positive emotional response allows the user to form a strong connection with the product and the brand, and increases perceptions about ease of use. 

Triggering emotional connections that can be later ratified by the customer in the inevitable purchase affirmation phase relies on the successful creation and implementation of the following four key requirements:

  1. Emotionally charged visuals that instigate the ‘desire’ to be part of the brand
  2. Storytelling messaging that aligns the user with the brand via subtle neuro-marketing
  3. Intelligent humour that elicits a collaborative giggle and builds implicit trust
  4. Transparency via overt and easily usable and accessible social integration enabling easy sharing, liking and association.
Many companies begin their marketing processes backwards. They start with the "what" and move on to the "how" to do something - often neglecting the "why". It is here in the "why" that many consumers will find inspiration to connect with your brand. Starting with "why" allows you to clearly communicate to your customers why you, above all of your competitors, are most significant to them. It helps explain the underlying value of the concrete "what" you are promoting, rather than leaving the abstract "why" undefined.

Through an ever-changing content marketing strategy, it's important to answer the "why" for your customers and invest in the right pieces that will capture your customers' attention, and more importantly, resonate with them. If your consumers can plainly understand your "why", they are more mindful and ready to engage with you and your brand. 

At clearmotive, we embrace Simon Sinek's theory: "People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it."

We work with you to clearly define your "why", then tailor our marketing efforts to align with your intent and inspire the connection you want consumers to have with your brand. From crafting the right message to choosing the perfect images, our marketing designs are deliberate; reinforcing your values to drive positive, tangible behaviour and conversions.


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