Strategic Advantage

Achieve a Strategic Advantage Over Your Competitors

clearmotive believes every marketing strategy requires a comprehensive overview of your business’ marketplace competition. When competition exists, it means there is a market for your business and that one or more companies or individuals have identified their own unique offering to serve it. Despite what some may think, it’s healthy to have one or more competitors.

Competition within any marketplace provides the opportunity for a third-party to review each competitor’s approach, in an effort to identify strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited, via a message strategy that positions your offering over the rest. 

The following provides a step-by-step process of how clearmotive creates strategic competitive analysis that will provide you with a competitive edge!


Identifying competitors: 

  • The first step in any competitive review is to identify your competitors – usually no less than three. For the most part, existing brands are already aware of the leaders within their industry and have already identified those who threaten their ability to grow market share. 
  • Other clients, usually new brands, may be unaware of their competitors and require us to perform due diligence in our research to determine who exists and why they qualify as competition.   
  • Often times we find this step particularly useful - even when the client assumes they know who their competitors are - to review who exists online and analyze which tools and methods they have adopted to ensure their message is heard above the rest. 
  • Once we have a clear picture of whom you are competing with, we can begin to strategize ways to position you as the most attractive option.

Understanding your competition:

The process of understanding your competition has changed over the years. Today’s digital age means that we no longer have to take a brand’s word for what they offer; instead, we are more likely to evaluate the validity of their brand claims, via real consumer’s reviews, before making an educated choice. 

Clearmotive’s approach to understanding your competition and what they offer, comes from a comprehensive mix of research that revolves around:

  • Understanding the current state of the industry you both work in 
  • Any trends that are shaping its evolution   
  • The history that contributed to its current reality
  • The future; specifically the opportunities and threats that it presents

Once we understand the landscape, we evaluate the position that each competitor holds within it:

  • Who they serve 
  • Why they are the best option for that group 
  • Where their delivery of goods or services fails to line up with their brand message 
  • What the variety of message applications are across both traditional and digital platforms 
  • When they approach their audience and how they speak to them

Your competitive advantages:

It’s a long road to fully understanding your competitive or “unfair” advantages – but once you do, it becomes much easier to position yourself to dominate the competition.

Think of a competitive landscape analysis as a comprehensive and verified cheat sheet handed to you before a test.

Clearmotive will present you with several opportunities to capitalize on the weaknesses of your competition - by providing you with a strategy that addresses:

  • How to speak to your audience
  • When to speak to your audience
  • Where they are most likely to be engaged with your message
  • What they are currently unsatisfied with
  • Who is influencing your audience’s beliefs
  • Why your offerings are a better fit for specific people 

While others spend their time wondering which factors will influence their marketing approach’s ability to succeed, clearmotive provides you with a loaded gun, pre-aimed at your desired target with a bullet designed to cut through the preconceived notions and barriers between you and your future clients.


 All you need to do to guarantee a bull’s-eye, is pull the trigger.


If YOU want to enable growth and change with proven digital marketing best practices, our team of subject matter experts gives you the edge.


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