Technology Solutions

Adopting new technologies can be intimidating for businesses and the sheer amount of available technologies makes choosing the right one overwhelming and difficult. 

When considering which new technologies your company should use, the resounding question you first need to answer is the “why”. It may seem obvious, but many companies focus more on the brand and technology they want to buy rather than what their business actually needs.

How do you know which technologies are worth the investment?

Understand the role of technology and what that means for your business. Distinguishing the difference between WANT vs. NEED is practical when auditing your existing technology to establish how well it is serving your business and reveal areas where improvement is necessary.

Before you even consider deep-diving into the shopping and comparison phase, define what processes you want to affect and how the technology should have a positive effect on your bottom line. What tool will make your business more efficient, help increase productivity and let you achieve your goals?

Determining the proper tool for our clients is a vital piece of the overall business strategy we help you define, because the value in choosing the right technology that can grow with your company is paramount to its success. 

At clearmotive, we don’t start with technology solutions. We start with understanding your business and user needs in order to find the perfect-fit technology that works best to fulfill your requirements.

Take for example, selecting a content management system (CMS) for your website. When it comes to building and maintaining your website, do you go down the route of using a cheaper open source option like Drupal or Wordpress, or is it best to consider propietary systems? Both routes have their pros and cons:

Open Source Systems

Companies looking for a quick and low-cost, upfront solution to get started online generally choose open source content management systems. Open source systems offer basic templated designs and require an investment of time and skills to enhance and tweak your website which can be more prone to bugs and security issues. Because open source systems are typically built and maintained by groups of interested people, they typically belong to no one and your source code is available to everyone. Custom designs and enhancements tend to be pricey and owners will need to have some level of confidence to choose quality upgrades and add-ons from the plethora of options available to them.

Propietary Systems

Propietary content management systems are built and maintained by one company. Most do not offer access to the source code, but rather will offer an open framework or API that can be extended by others. Propietary systems are great for companies that just want to manage their content and not have to worry about updates, bugs and security issues. Choosing the right propietary system means having confidence in the agency that is providing the solution.  

Three Tiers of Content Management Solutions

Our team will help you select the right platform to match your needs and desired level of management based on our three tiers of content management solutions:
  1. Small-scale website: Clients that have smaller budgets and minimal website requirements - usually less than 15 pages and are happy with a simple templated web design.
  2. Medium-sized website: Clients that can afford to spend a little more for a controlled and monitored system so they can focus on just updating content. 
  3. Large, multi-page website:  Clients that need a custom-design and varying functionality across multiple webpages with further integration across multiple platforms.

Not only do we help you choose the right technology product, we help you choose a technology partner that provides ongoing support. Our expertly trained team have the CMS expertise and technical ability to help you build and maintain the digital experience you want for your internal teams and customers. If you want full reign over web management, we provide the training and ongoing support necessary to empower you and your team.

Whether it's a tool to manage your online content or client databases, we'll
connect with you on a strategic level so that you can either be equipped with the know-how to look after the digital components of your business day-to-day, or have the confidence to trust that you're leaving it in capable hands.


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