How to Plan Strategically for Success


Strategic planning is a four-step process that provides the vital link between a vision and clearly defined goals:

  1. Thorough customer market research delivers data-driven insights on target market behaviour, demographics and psychographics, providing the first real glimpse of why, where, how and with what messaging you can best reach your prospects via laser-targeted strategies.
  2. A comprehensive industry and competitive landscape audit (or SWOT analysis) will identify key opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses which, when interpreted effectively, will drive key strategic Q&A. This facilitates the outline of an all-inclusive, robustly dynamic strategic plan.
  3. A full review of the SWOT analysis by all key stakeholders will define strategies in a SWOT matrix, naturally identifying key channels, sub-channels, media and marketing mix differentials, including impact to the value proposition, positioning statement and reasons to believe.
  4. Strategic planning is developed to answer to long and short-term business objectives. It drives operational plans and delivers on key forecasted associated outcomes. 
Manage the topline, the strategy, your people and your products, and the bottom line will follow.  
— Steve Jobs


At clearmotive we understand your customers:

  • We gather and analyze macro and micro economic and market research
  • We conduct website usability testing 
  • We scrutinize on-site user behaviour
  • We carefully and thoroughly gather all customer feedback through all possible media and channels
We also know what to do with the information to create and deliver world-class strategic plans, guaranteed to provide clearly forecasted outcomes to meet your bigger business and marketing objectives.

We do this by working with you to lead all key stakeholder groups into the strategic planning process…

  • Ensuring the bigger business vision is always top of mind for the shareholders
  • Listening to the voice of the customer in order to develop strategies that deliver answers to their questions and solutions to their problems
  • Proactively engaging employees and partners to encourage their viewpoints - from frontline sales and customer care feedback and challenges, to R&D challenges and wins, and everything in-between. All of this impacts the delivery of company-wide, multi-channel, multi-faceted, e-2-e customer experiences, from retention to acquisition, through targeted strategic planning 

Icon_Forecasts.png Drive to deliver to metric-based forecasts

If you embrace your vision and objectives with:

  • Strategies that can be measurably executed
  • Key performance indicators can be ‘SMART’ly assigned
  • From which analytical clarity can be derived
  • You will naturally build a data-driven strategic culture within your organization

Icon_Forecasts-(2).pngDriving Successful Cultural Change

Your culture will impact all your stakeholders. Great strategic planning drives success, but greater partnerships and people deliver results:
  • It will impact the decision you make on the people you hire
  • It will impact the decisions you make resourcing R&D and expansion 
  • It will impact the way you deliver your message, product and customer care to your prospects and base 
  • It will revolutionize your business

How ready are YOU to embrace visionary change?Icon_Visionary.png

At clearmotive, we’re all about strategic planning to drive the right customer to the right channel at the right time, so that we can work together to:
  • Optimize your marketing mix 
  • Deliver the best possible results in terms of cost per acquisition (CPA), return on investment (ROI) and other key performance indicators 
  • Breathe fresh air and new perspectives into the business planning and growth matrices 
  • Understand your stakeholders’ intentions, challenges and desires in order to deliver actionable, data-driven insights