Many businesses (and agencies) start their process here. It’s an easy mistake to make because humans love pretty pictures and excitement. Many believe these are enough to attract loyal customers. Don’t be mistaken: we really (really) enjoy the creative stage, but the businesses we serve understand the value of strategy and planning and how much more effective their investment is when they approach creativity with strategic intention.

Only after we’ve defined your goals, crafted a strategy and composed an irresistible message, will we roll up our sleeves and put on our artistic hats to create a series of powerful creative options.

Logo Design

A logo is for...identification

In today's world, logo design is totally underrated. Your logo is the first impression your customer has of your business. A company's logo is intended for immediate recognition, inspiring trust, loyalty and an implied credibility. Your logo is one aspect of your brand or economic entity, and its shapes, colours, fonts and images differentiate you from your competitors. 

Our creative team will work directly with you to create a unique and memorable logo that emotionally connects with your targeted audience. 

Brand Identity Guideline

The sum of the parts equals the whole.

A brand's identity is the overall look and feel of all its marketing and communications material. Identity design is based around visual elements used within a business, usually assembled within a set of guidelines. The guidelines that make up an identity will administer how the identity is applied throughout the variety of marketing tactics and mediums, using approved colour palettes, fonts, layouts and measurements. These guidelines ensure that the identity of the company is kept consistent allowing the brand, as a whole, to be recognizable.

clearmotive can redesign or refresh your existing brand and document it in a detailed Identity Guideline. All files and digital templates are delivered along with printed copies of the identity guideline. We can also create a digital brand guideline in the form of an online Wiki to improve collaboration and streamline brand management. 

Business Collateral & Printed Materials

Creating 'wow' creative.

clearmotive has a team of highly skilled designers that support the design needs of your ongoing marketing efforts, ensuring consistency and quality with every piece. There is no B-team. We know that senior, experienced, subject matter experts is what is needed to ideate, create and deliver wow solutions to grow your business. 

We will facilitate any type of printing your business needs, from corporate stationary, product catalogues, brochures to annual reports and more. We work with local printers and well as trade printers to bring you the best quality products.

Website Design & Development

Great web design isn’t just about creating pretty websites. It’s a careful balance that starts with user experience, and ends in sales. 

Your website is the digital window for your brand. If your brand doesn't have a presence, or if it's not meeting best practice usability standards, you're letting your potential customers down and they won't hesitate to go elsewhere. A user-driven website is essential to remain competitive online but that's often not enough. The user experience goes much deeper than interaction; with web design, branding, layout, content, navigation and visibility forming important factors that could all affect conversion. 

clearmotive creates effective websites with customers, conversions and search in mind. We strive for the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal, emotive content and usability, so your website drives conversion and represents the values of your brand. 

From eCommerce websites to landing page design, from responsive websites to mobile-only websites, our design team works closely with our SEO, content and technical experts to deliver custom web design solutions that work for you and your potential customers.

Content Creation

This is where our insights and planning come to life! As an agency focused on business growth, it is critical to write content that connects with your audience and evokes emotion and action. The most successful campaigns are not ones that generate creative awards; they’re the ones that achieve a carefully defined goal. Your goal may be to increase sales, generate awareness, or to attract a strategic partnership. Writing irresistible content is a deliberate process of hierarchy – and we’ve got it dialed in.

clearmotive can handle all your content marketing needs including blogging, website and landing page copy, brochure copy, videos, email content, social media and more.

Internal Cultural Change

A brand's values linked to business strategy explain how and why a business can lay claim to its brand promise. These brand values also provide a framework that can be used to design and implement integrated systems, processes, measurements and rewards that align employee behaviors to the service culture that underpins your brand. This influences staff from the inside to adopt the skills, attitudes and standard necessary to meet customers' needs within a consistent delivery space, for example, "guaranteed overnight delivery". 

If your brand has strength and excitement, it gives employees a sense of identity, a feeling of belonging and makes them feel positive about coming to work. It provides a clear sense of common purpose and a strong customer focus. This becomes the movement to pull on-brand behaviour so they can perform in the best way they can for their customers. 

People who work in strongly branded companies understand what the company is promising, because the promise is actively promoted internally. Then, every time employees see their brand presented in ads and other marketing material, it builds their self-esteem and reminds them of the promises they are making to the public. It helps build commitment. 

clearmotive can assist with building the communication and internal branding strategies needed to support the change required to fully meet your brand promise and values. 


Do you need a new marketing approach that generates attention, speaks to your customer at the right moment, earns customer loyalty and proves the value of your marketing investment? That’s where we come in.

clearMotive will position your business to generate the biggest return on your marketing investment. Then we’ll find people who are in need of your offering and help convert them into paying customers.

Guided by a deep understanding of ‘why’ and ‘how’ people buy, we use a marketing framework to generate demand - and sales growth - for today's connected customer.



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