The Foundation for Marketing Success

At clearmotive, crafting successful marketing campaigns starts with truly understanding your business. You’ll notice we offer value at the first meeting by asking the right questions unique to your business. This requires existing expertise and our commitment to performing our due diligence ahead of time to understand your industry and the unique advantages your product or service provides. The right strategy for your company will never be a turnkey template that worked for a similar client; it will be a comprehensive strategy that supports and aligns with your unique culture, values and specific, business-focused goals.

interview team members

clearmotive takes the time to understand your business by immersing ourselves in your culture and researching and interviewing your team members. The interviews we perform will be with your employees and may include:

  • Executive Team Members
  • Heads of Marketing and PR
  • Appropriate Sales Personnel
  • Appropriate Product Managers
  • Frontline Staff
  • Competitors and or Customers

Market & Competitive research

clearmotive believes every brand or marketing strategy requires a comprehensive overview of your business’ marketplace competition. When competition exists, it means there is a market for your business and that one or more companies or individuals have identified their own unique offering to serve it. At this stage we’ll evaluate your competition and determine the strengths and weaknesses of each. The competitive landscape will shed light on new opportunities or identify mindshare already owned by a competitor that you might not be able to win.  

Existing brand audit

Your brand is comprised of a series of customer moments and interactions, therefore it is important to regularly analyze how your market feels about that experience and how it resonates across all touch points. This enables you to understand whether you’re communicating effectively, and whether or not you’re living your brand promise. clearmotive will assess how your brand is implemented into your current marketing programs to identify issues and weaknesses that are preventing you from generating more high-quality leads that become sales opportunities. 

customer buying journey

Rather than focusing on marketing tactics like ads, channels, and conversions, it's most effective to start with the customer in mind. First, it's necessary to define the metrics that characterize a good customer: customer engagement, purchase history, sentiment and brand advocacy. Once these attributes have been defined, the customer lifecycle can be created to drive these metrics. clearmotive's first step in creating a customer lifecycle is to orient a business around a group of core concepts that build a measurable data framework. Customers will engage with the business on their own terms, and when they do, their digital and physical interactions must drive the attribution process. The customer lifecycle provides a framework for organizing these interactions to understand the behaviours across all customer journeys. Our strategy team's best practice in designing customer journeys is to identify and define the "moments that matter". We will segment your market and create moments in order for your business to address the specific opportunities or challenges your customers face along their decision-making journey. These are significant moments that drive customer engagement, make customers want to shout brand praises from the rooftops, and create the desire to purchase your product. 

brand attributes

Also known as core values, brand attributes represent the essence of your brand. They are a set of characteristics that identify the physical, character and personality traits of your brand. A strong brand will have the following attributes: relevancy, consistency, uniqueness, and proper positioning. In this phase, clearmotive will document your brand attributes which convey the emotional benefit to your customer.

value proposition & positioning statement

A strong brand should be positioned so that it makes a place in target audience mind and they prefer it over other brands. The value proposition and positioning strategy clearly articulates how you are different from the competition and that how you do business is what sets you apart. A strong brand should be positioned so that it makes a place in your target audiences mind and they prefer it over other brands. clearmotive will validate your claims through a compelling story and separate you from the generic statements made by your competitors. 


Do you need a new marketing approach that generates attention, speaks to your customer at the right moment, earns customer loyalty and proves the value of your marketing investment? That’s where we come in.

clearMotive will position your business to generate the biggest return on your marketing investment. Then we’ll find people who are in need of your offering and help convert them into paying customers.

Guided by a deep understanding of ‘why’ and ‘how’ people buy, we use a marketing framework to generate demand - and sales growth - for today's connected customer.



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