In a world where food safety is a top concern for the health of millions and a seemingly lack of due diligence in the meat industry for safe testing is causing public protest, FoodChek wanted to respond with the introduction of its revolutionary new product called Actero Enrichment Media. Actero provides producers and processors a more efficient safety testing process and the fastest time-to-results in the bacteria growth market available on the market.

As a part of launching the brand new FoodChek brand, clearmotive was tasked to come up with a creative solution to communicate the benefits of Actero in a clear and simple way for audiences to understand.


To rise to the challenge, the creative juices at ClearMotive came up with a video concept that clearly communicated what Actero™ was, how it worked and why it was the market leader and the best solution for a simple, fast and reliable way to ensure food safety.
To effectively communicate how Actero works, the message and delivery needed to be clear and approachable, yet still credible. The video reveals a host in a scientific lab who explains the advantages of Actero™. Throughout the host’s overview of what Actero™, how it worked and its benefits, occasional text overlays are used to emphasize vital points. Simple animation is injected within the video to provide viewers with visual elements that are easy to understand. 


Through the use of strong text overlays and graphic animation to highlight important features and information, the final video offered audiences a visually digestible solution. An otherwise seemingly complicated science is made simple and easy for any audience to understand with effective graphics, carefully chosen scripting and an overall, approachable delivery from a scientific source. 

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