Throughout the food production chain, the importance of properly detecting contaminants is monumental to human safety. This is what FoodChek™ recognized and addressed when they developed a revolutionary way to accurately test for foodborne pathogens that saved time, money and potentially, lives.
With a product sure to fill a need in an industry that represented amazing international growth potential, the only thing remaining was to properly introduce FoodChek™ and its products to the world and secure them as the new safety standard in the food industry.


A comprehensive review indicated that a strong brand and communication strategy was pertinent to the success of FoodChek™. The brand promise needed to connect with producer and consumer audiences on an emotional level – extending beyond just delivering a new method of food testing, but synonymously identifying FoodChek™ with the values it represented.
From the creation of logo and tagline, investor relation and sales materials, tradeshow booth banners and product videos, to designing the new website, product packaging and print advertisements; clearmotive provided FoodChek™ with a suite of assets, strong brand identity and the knowledge to effectively reach their audiences.


By properly identifying the various audiences and their specific communication needs, clearmotive effectively developed and launched FoodChek™ to the masses. The complete branding and communication strategy for FoodChek™ resulted directly in a strategic sales partnership with VWR - a leading global laboratory supply and distribution company with more than 8,500 sales people in North America.
FoodChek™ was selected as product of the year at the VWR annual sales conference in Miami Florida in January 2013. The company also received multiple editorial features in leading industry publications. On October 15, 2013 FoodChek™ had an active sales pipeline of $15.5M in qualified sales leads.

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