Since Honda first came to Canada in 1969, its reputation grew immensely through the promise and performance of its quality products. Though its motorcycle products were selling well, Honda knew it could do better.
In 2014, clearmotive was tasked with completing a full redesign of The mission was to make Honda the #1 motorcycle manufacturer in Canada. Honda needed to establish itself as an industry leader in the digital space by providing a world-class user web experience that aligned with global best practices. Backed by a solid reputation in creative design and strategy, clearmotive had the essentials to build a successful solution.


Through a complete audit of the Honda motorcycle website, clearmotive quickly realized the the conversion opportunities available through the use of globally recognized digital best practices for the site’s restructure. 

Along with employing optimized SEO strategies to support findability and shareability, all visual and textual content focused on maximizing the opportunity to forge emotional connections with web visitors. Eye-catching images were balanced with bold headlines to illicit deliberate emotions and inspire excitement. To make it simple for users to be funneled to the final end point in the path to purchase, dealer locations were highlighted in the site’s new navigation to visibly promote the full customer journey on the path to purchase.


Within the first three months following the new website launch, Honda saw a 208% increase in web traffic year over year. Not only was the website given a stylish new facelift, clearmotive created an intuitively streamlined navigation structure and optimized all content to align with best practices providing Honda with a solution that gave its visitors exactly what they were asking for.
Clearmotive utilized its expertise in strategy and planning, website design and content marketing to help Honda reach its milestone. The new website offered visitors an immersive and seamlessly connected web experience, making it simple and exciting for visitors to connect with the Honda brand, while intelligently showcasing what mattered: the motorcycles.