From concept to execution, our specialized team had been tasked by Honda Canada to create a memorable National TV spot for its annual winter campaign. The underlying campaign objective was to promote the full line of Honda residential snowblower and generator products while connecting with Canadian consumers in a meaningful and approachable way.

With the winter season still months away, the clearmotive team put on creative thinking caps to come up with a solution for recreating a believable snowstorm environment to film in the middle of July with 30+ degree temperatures!


Our inspiration behind the winning concept was, “It’s About Time,” a strong call to action that blends the time-saving convenience and unstoppable reliability of using Honda Power Equipment products (snowblower, generator, etc.) while also incorporating the return of the winter season and trending time of year.
All images, sounds and products showcased in the witty 15-second commercial were meticulously chosen to ensure we were connecting with the average Canadian homeowner and conveying an authentic simulation of one’s natural daily routine. The goal was to allow consumers to easily be immersed into the fictional situation and easily overcome even the worst winter storm.


In the final commercial, the main character is shown calmly listening to the radio weather report and reading the “Record Snowfall” newspaper when the power goes out. He quickly springs into action, using a roster of reliable Honda products to quickly solve this typical Canadian winter woe. The speed and imagery used in the commercial help mimic how quick and easy using Honda products can be, highlighting the time you save and the convenience of letting nothing stand in your way.

This conceptually strong commercial campaign was recognized by the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) in 2015, winning third place in the traditional marketing category. Not only did the campaign align flawlessly with the values, features and benefits of our client, it successfully showcased how the clearmotive team thrives on creative marketing solutions to effectively bring big ideas to life.