Representing a wealth of experienced healthcare professionals across Canada, LifeMark Health was a celebrated leader in providing integrated physiotherapy, rehabilitation and occupational health services.

LifeMark Health recognized a significant shortage in qualified physiotherapists for their growing national clinic base. Career placement agencies were too costly, and with more than 120 locations spanning the country, posting ads in local newspapers took a lot of time and produced very little quality results. LifeMark Health needed a more viable and effective way to generate more resumes.


Upon strategic review, it was evident that LifeMark needed a digital strategy in place to capture online resume submissions. Clearmotive proposed a two-phase approach in the design and implementation of a branded, five-page careers website to attract applicants for one of five core roles.
In the 1st phase, content was created to resonate with identified audiences and targeted PPC campaigns were used to drive qualified web visits. In the 2nd phase, the key objectives were to expand the careers site positioning LifeMark as a preferred employer in the market, use search engine optimization to grow web traffic, and update the applicant management system to adequately handle increased resume submissions.


LifeMark received more than 1,500 quality resumes online per month. Once a successful PPC campaign generated qualified leads, the original landing pages were unified into a sophisticated recruitment site: As a national organization with 11 regions, 10 divisions and more than 1,800 staff, using one site reduced recruitment costs by $240,000 in the first six months.

Now, LifeMark uses their careers site exclusively to attract new hires from coast to coast. The site evolved into an online resource management tool and became a brand extension of LifeMark itself, where potential candidates understand and buy into the LifeMark culture before submitting their resume.

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