S3 Enterprises of Swift Current Saskatchewan is a company with a deep-rooted heritage in the agricultural equipment industry in Western Canada. As an organization with four distinct business lines, S3 Air Systems, S3 Delta Harrows, S3 Wire Form and S3 Manufacturing, they faced the challenge of clearly supporting each stand-alone line of business as its own brand with its own distinct customers.
The S3 Air Systems (formally S3 Blowers) line of products had reached a level of maturity in its current vertical and required a fresh positioning strategy to allow it to grow into new lines of business.
S3 turned to clearmotive to lead the positioning and brand strategy process to define its new brand message and to ensure it was positioned appropriately in the marketplace.


To understand the best strategic direction to take, clearmotive conducted workshops with the S3 executive team, breaking down its future goals and identifying the challenges it faced both internally and externally.
With a clear picture of where the best opportunities for growth were located, it became clear to the team that a rename was required to remove limitations around the products and services S3 Air Systems was able to provide. The S3 Enterprises executive team unanimously agreed upon a fundamental shift in the brand, not only in name, but in how it shared its story with the world. A new brand was born!


Through gaining a clearer understanding of the S3 Air Systems customer groups and a deeper perspective of the underpinning value provided by its products, the organization made the bold move of changing its name from S3 Blowers to S3 Air Systems to directly support its new position of “Ultimate Pneumatic Performance”— ultimate air solutions through the unique application of efficiency, performance and configured manufacturing.

The move fundamentally changed the way in which the company engaged within the industry and had a direct effect on opening new opportunities for the organization.