Sigma operates within an evolving seismic data industry that has witnessed a number of competitors fail to stay relevant as clients’ seismic data needs continued to fluctuate, shift focus and shrink.
Sigma didn’t just want to ensure it remained relevant in the industry, it wanted to ensure its brand became recognized as an industry leader - all without losing touch with the values that earned its stellar reputation to-date.
Sigma turned to clearmotive to define its new brand message to ensure it positioned it appropriately in the marketplace, and in a way that existing and future stakeholders could get excited about.


To understand the best strategic direction to take, clearmotive first interviewed Sigma’s executive team, breaking down its future goals and identifying the challenges it faced both internally and externally.
With a clear picture of where we were headed, every single staff member on Sigma’s team was interviewed to identify any disconnect between how staff currently viewed the brand and what they felt the agreed upon future identity of Sigma should be.
The interview process not only brought to light a variety of misconceptions and new challenges that had not yet been considered, it engaged the entire company in a branding activity that made them feel valued and informed. 


Instead of simply sitting back and waiting for the business to come calling, Sigma’s new brand identity positioned it to act as a leader within the seismic data industry, challenging its team to be proactive in its sales, service and communication efforts.
Being a part of the initial planning and strategy process empowered each employee to feel directly responsible for the success of the new brand and Sigma reported back that it now had a much more engaged and unified team moving forward towards a common goal.
Following its rebrand, Sigma was now equipped with an understanding of how brands influenced daily activities, how it needed to speak to its audiences and the importance of the ‘why’ behind every ongoing marketing tactic.