When Sigma came to us with a desire to create a brand that positioned it as a leader within the seismic data industry, one of the first things we did was perform a brand audit to determine how successful its current, public-facing assets would be at delivering the new brand strategy.
Not surprisingly, its website required a refresh; not only to reflect the new brand imagery, but to also facilitate best practices for SEO, user experience and the back-end programming required to facilitate its new educational and sales-focused tools.
As a long-standing company with a history of providing value, it was important to ensure that Sigma’s branding showcased an evolution to avoid losing the existing brand recognition it had built over previous decades. 


Sigma’s existing website content lacked clarity in purpose, target audience and message. It needed a strategy that connected the purpose of the website with the goals of Sigma’s new brand.
We delivered a user experience strategy that eliminated confusion, redundancies and outdated themes, considered SEO best-practice and spoke to identified audiences in a voice that addressed known concerns, instilled confidence and proactively guided the user on the path to purchase.
Furthermore, we updated the design and functionality to support the look and tools one would expect from an industry leader, including polished photography, an up-to-date blog, relevant social media platform links and revised contact and communication opt-in functionality.


The result was a creative platform that still connected to the existing Sigma brand, but clearly represented its new strategic focus and fit for the future.

Beyond having a new website and social media accounts - Sigma now had trusted digital tools that could speak to its audiences in a way that defined its value, catering to customer needs and driving a user experience that could be properly tracked and managed.

Since the launch of its new website in October 2015, Sigma immediately saw a strong flow in user traffic to its site and an increase in quality and organic visits. In just one month, Sigma attracted 1,632 page views with the average time spent on site being longer than four minutes, with users clicking on an average of three pages before exiting.