When Sigma came to clearmotive for help with its rebrand, one of the first challenges we identified through the brand audit was the need for its sales department to shift from being mere order-takers to becoming a fully driven, equipped sales force.
Sigma needed to ensure that prospective customers were aware of its ability to lead the industry into the future. And it wasn’t just about saying it. Sigma needed to prove that it had what it took!
Sigma required a strategy that would position it as the obvious first choice for anyone researching the seismic data industry. Its team needed to be supported by a proactive sales process that provided a smooth and appropriate path to purchase while considering and catering to each stage of the customer acquisition funnel.


People are no longer willing to blindly follow a sales claim without taking some time to conduct their own primary research. When it came to Sigma’s desire to lead the industry, it wasn’t enough to talk the talk - they needed to walk the walk. Sigma turned to clearmotive for help creating an integrative SEO and content marketing strategy.
Sigma’s commitment to content marketing required the sharing of industry expertise online via relevant and easy-to-find blogs, social media posts and optimized web content. 


After recognizing the need for attention to content marketing, clearmotive supported Sigma with the creation and management of an online database management system. Monthly newsletters focused on addressing unmet customer needs in a way that showcased Sigma’s team as seismic data management experts and as a brand that was keen to provide a higher level of service to its clients.

Sigma also began releasing timely, conversational blog articles each month; each one speaking to industry news and providing readers with relevant insights and information about the seismic data industry. All content shared via blogs, newsletters and social media enabled easy sharing functionality across multiple platforms, broadening audience reach and facilitating new lead generations via newsletter sign-up and online form submissions.