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As a full-service, marketing agency with locations in Calgary and Toronto, we create meaningful connections through our passion & expertise. At our core we are a dedicated group of marketing and communication professionals who immerse ourselves into your business to gain powerful insights and create inspiring, intentional strategy and design. We are committed to your success and our purpose is clear – effectively engage your audience and motivate them to act, producing measurable results for you and your brand.
Our marketing framework always begins with research and strategy. Through deep behavioural observation, competitive research and business analysis, our strategists are able to truly connect brands with consumers and the moments that matter most. We tie insights to dollars, the only universally accepted language of business. Our whole-brain thinking brings an intrinsically multi-lens and practical approach to all of our work.

ClearMotive works with businesses to develop design and content that articulates a useful point of distinction. We focus on a creative platform that inspires your customers in ways that are rational, emotional and captivating.
We combine critical thought, impeccable style and function to create visually stunning touch points for your brand. We embrace the story to be told and merge impactful design, authentic content and bulletproof technology to leave a lasting impression.

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A customer acquisition strategy defines the best mix of media and engagement tactics to gain new customers and reach your existing market through online and offline customer journeys. ClearMotive will determine whether your current marketing channels are maximizing your cost per conversion, help you determine new channels to reach your business goals and align those to your target market’s customer journey. We offer monthly services for identifying and managing best performing SEO keywords, CPC target spends and tailored media placements to optimize your content for maximum exposure.
Data should always be at the heart of your marketing strategy. The term 'big data' has become a very popular term for businesses today. But it takes insightful human analysis to figure out how to interpret the data and how to take action. Business owners are rarely convinced by numbers that aren't financial, but a good story that illustrates an issue and creates empathy -- with data that backs that story up -- is a convincing package. We offer monthly reporting packages which can be used to gauge tactical performance and drive your future business and marketing strategies.

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